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On the Bola Ibet44 game, you know river as the last community card to be out in the last turn but have you ever thought why it was called as river?

The Originated “River” in Bola agen casino ibet44
In Texas Holdem, you know there are several community cards to be out by dealer on the table in different turns. The first three cards are called as Flop and the single fourth card is Turn. Meanwhile, the last card of Bola Ibet44 is called as River. You know about River but you don’t know about the story behind it. However, some people are probably curious about the name “River” on this last card.

Where did River Come in Bola Ibet44
You can’t see river card often on the Bola Ibet44 game because this is optional. If the game lasts until the end, then you will see this card and after that, the dealer will decide the winner. If the game ends without last turn because of something, then you can’t see it. However, do you know why this card is called as river?

The nickname of this card originated from when this game was played in US on the riverboats.
Players who play this game hide the card behind their sleeves and they need to switch the poor fifth card. The term river came from the punishment. If other players knew that you cheated, then you will be thrown off from the boat to the river.

Though it seems pretty harsh, it is the punishment for those who cheated.

Now, there is no punishment like that anymore in Bola Ibet44 and River holds the important role because after river is out, the winner will be decided based on the highest rank.